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The first 1,000 days from conception are the most critical in a child’s life (from the onset of a child’s mother’s pregnancy to their second birthday). Without enough nutrients they need, children can suffer from stunting, when their bodies and brains do not develop the way they should. The condition currently affects nearly a quarter of children under five.


In our effort to combat malnutrition and increase awareness on nutrition we give live demonstrations and public talks at welfare clinics and women gathering of complimentary foods for weaning babies from 6 months. We have been privileged to work with the Lagos State Primary Healthy Board in their current work in eliminating malnutrition starting from mothers, pre-pregnancy & post pregnancy as good nutrition start from the mother first.

We also conduct talks with medical practitioners and health workers on the issues regarding malnutrition, support their current work in eradicating it as they have direct contact with mothers and children, we aid them in educating the public and provide our product to be used to feed affected people.

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