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Everything you need to know about PachaMama Foods.

We provide 100% natural foods and they are Tom Brown Plus, Fonio Flour, Fonio Grains, Finger Millet, Mixed nuts, Instant Baby Cereal and Rice and all of them are of international quality standard.

Made from natural ingredients. Tom Brown Plus is made up of 3 grains (Red Guinea corn, Maize and Acha) and 2 legumes (Groundnut and Soyabean), Tamba is made from Finger Millet, Fonio Flour and Grains are from Fonio (Acha).
Rice is from local long grain rice, while our Instant Baby Cereal which has 4 varieties have ingredients such as Red Guinea corn, Finger Millet, Dates, Groundnut, Maize Soyabeans,
Beetroot, Fonio and Rice.
No, we are 100% natural.
To solve the issue of Malnutrition in children, pregnant women and it extended into creating healthier foods that targets a healthier lifestyle for all. That’s why our range of products are health related, from solving the issue of malnutrition, not just in children but in adults and also targeted at people with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol.
We are fully focused on solving health issues for all ages through healthy food. Thus, we address health issues using natural ingredients and same time affordable to all without compromising our quality standards. Because we work with hundreds of famers, we are able to produce the best of each products at great prices. Each of our products targets optimal health. We are a local company but our products are made with international standards.

Beetroot + Multigrains, Rice + Multigrains, Tom Brown PLUS and Multigrain Mix. Babies can also enjoy Fonio flour and Tamba flour.

Tom Brown PLUS – 6months to adult
Instant Baby Cereal – 6months to 5 years old
2years. However Mixed nuts is 9months

We have our distributors form which you can get by contacting us. You can directly call us by phone, email or through social media of your request. Once contacted, we will require your name, phone number and email address so we can send the Distributors Pricelist and be contacted by our sales team. You can be a distributor even starting as low as one carton because we have different spectrum and different levels.

No, we only provide discounts sometimes on delivery.

We are conscious of the environment. All our packaging are recyclable. For the grains, all the shafts are given to our staff to feed their animals. The famers that we work with and because of the agreement with them, we offtake all the grains that they have so they don’t have any waste or get bad.

All our equipment are NAFDAC certified and all made with international standards. The whole process of producing all our products go through a strict NAFDAC and international standards. We have our own factory in Jos, where everything is properly organized, to make sure there’s no contamination, we use stainless steel for all our production lines, we ensure that every of our products go through a defined clear process and SOPs. Apart from our machines, our staff are highly skilled and trained in every process.

Polythene bags for most of it. Our sack is for rice, while for the baby food we use the paper bag and the polythene bag is inside.

Not Applicable as its plant based.

Acha (Fonio), Red Guinea corn, Maize, Soybeans, Groundnut, Dates, Finger Millet, Beetroot, Cashew, Tigernut and Rice.

  • Call/send a WhatsApp message to our number 07061257689, or
  • Contact us on our IG handle @pachamamafoodsng and leave a message for us to contact you, or
  • Click on the WhatsApp button on our IG handle @pachamamafoodsng, or
  • You can go to our website, locate our list of stockists where you can find stores near to you or you can order from any online stores.
Yes, however there are some of our products that have nuts and soya so children or infants that are allergic to these can’t take them. However, we have other products that are allergen free so that they meet the children and infants with special dietary needs. For instance, the Rice + Multigrains baby cereal, Tamba Flour and Fonio Flour do not have any allergen ingredients.

Each products have their nutritional value at the back of it and it’s also available on the website.

All our products are suitable for adults with special dietary needs especially Tom Brown PLUS which provides a complete balanced diet as it contains all necessary nutrients. Fonio flour, Fonio Grains and Tamba Flour as well are suitable for adults as together with Tom Brown PLUS, they are perfect for many adults and old people who have diabetes, high cholesterol, convalescing and have little appetite.

You can contact us by phone or via our numerous social media platforms or directly at our website.

Baking, boiling, cooking and we also have instant cereal.

Of course, pancakes with Tom Brown Plus, porridge/pudding, baking with Fonio flour.
You can also visit our IG account and website for more recipes and videos.

Yes, if you go to our website you would see that we work with farmers in Jos.

Only products with factory errors can be returned or exchanged.

We ensure the freshness of our products in our processing methods. It goes through the highest heat to ensures that it is well dried and still preserving key nutrients. The packaging of the product as well ensures that it keeps it preserved within the period of its shelf life.

Yes, we have Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on that.

As preferred, but the recommended serving for a baby is 2½ spoonful.

Yes, we have standard operating procedures (SOP) for our manufacturing process.

Yes, Tom brown PLUS, Rice, Instant baby cereal, Rice, TambaFonio Flour and Grains

Visit our website or send a DM on our social media handles or contact us via call or Whatsapp. 

Yes we can. Just send us an email and we would respond. 


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