Nutrition related factors contributes to the increased millions of child mortality rate of kids under the age of 5 and those who survive, most suffer from stunted growth which can impair neurological development and learning. Malnutrition affects children ability to learn in school and reduces their productivity as adults – creating a vicious cycle that prevents families, communities and countries from lifting themselves out of poverty.

Malnutrition cycle

Other challenges that contributes to malnutrition includes the lack of awareness and understanding of balanced diet needed, poor sanitation and hygiene amongst others.

At PachaMama Foods, we understand these issues and, in an effort, to combat malnutrition, improve nutrition for women, children and the elderly, we developed Tom Brown PLUSspecially created to meet nutritional needs as complementary feeding to reach children within the 1,000 days period and mothers before during and after pregnancy.

Our long term goals are to prevent malnutrition related death, support the UN sustainable goals, develop better solutions to combat malnutrition faster and economically develop the poor via our production chain (such as farmers we work with and our staff from local communities).

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