In November 2018, PachaMama Foods was officially appointed as an aggregator to supply “Tom Brown PLUS” to over 200,000 pupils in the 17 Local Governments in Plateau State.

Our engagement has resulted in increased benefits and growth in our value chain and this was as a result of the commitment and keen support of the Governor of Plateau State, His Excellency Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong towards this programme as well as importantly, the office of the Focal Person of Social Investment Programme Dr. Sumaye Hamza for an effective co-ordination and successful implementation of the programme.

Pupils enjoying Tom Brown PLUS under the supervision of Dr. Sumaya Hamza at a school in Barkin Ladi LGA, Jos

Tom Brown PLUS is an enriched cereal made from highly nutritious local materials. We developed interest in the commodity after reviewing the research report from Lagos, on its effect in malnourished children. Because of the Governor’s desire to improve the well being of children he accepted the product to be aggregated in Plateau State.

Dr. Sumaye Hamza –Focal Person of Social Investment Programme in Plateau State


  • Increase of healthier pupils and gradual eradication of malnutrition especially in those who suffer from it.
  • Improved mental development of the pupils

I really enjoy this Tom brown PLUS as it is even sweeter than the one made at home and I get full more”

Goodness – Pupil at Barkin Ladi LGA

  • Stimulate local agricultural production especially the grains used to meet demand
  • Boost the income of the farmers by purchasing directly and removing middlemen
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The steady purchase of my grains has really made me and my family happy as I am now encouraged to continue farming and as I sell directly to the company, I get more money than before where I sell to middlemen and can take care of my family more too”

Anthony – Farmer at Bokkos

  • Creates jobs within the local community especially for women and youth

I used to do different kind of jobs like carrying sand from morning till night, just to feed by 3 children. Sometimes, there will be no work and things will be tough. Since I started working in this factory to wash grains, I am very happy as I get regular salary which helps me and my children a lot (no more paying school fees late), I get to eat free food as a worker which help me save my salary more and now I have gotten trained to work with the machines inside the factory. With all this, I know I am progressing and happy that such a company is in Plateau State”

Mrs Josephine – Jos

  • Educate, train and provide items such as aprons for the cooks registered in the programme

This Tom Brown PLUS is richer and more nutritious than the local ones made and very delicious. It is very to prepare and all the children like it. I have even noticed weight gain in some of the pupils especially those that used to look emaciated. Well done and continue”

Zainab – Cook Barkin Ladi LGA

  • Patronise local fabricators, thus encouraging local innovation

Instead of buying foreign machines like many companies, this company approached us with their plan and trusted us to design and fabricate some key machines for their factory according to NAFDAC standards. As materials like stainless steel is very expensive and  caused less work for us fabricators, this business is very encouraging to us as I am now encouraged to fabricate more machines, upgrade the machine I did before, employ more staff to help me and cause more money for us to survive and remain in business. I am very happy that Nigerian made machines are now trusted and bought”

Kamal – Jos

  • Patronise local businesses in the community and state, such as transporters

Using my truck to transport the food to the different local government is really helping us transporters as this is steady work and more money for me and my family. This has also made me know what the government is doing for our state and children. We are very happy”

Victor – Jos

  • The engagement of the local farmers and members local community helps improve and grow a more inclusive state economy
  • Our involvement contributes to the SDGs especially goals targeted on hunger, achieving food security & improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.
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