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Health Progress of 11 Month Old malnourished Subar

Little Subar is proof that the vicious cycle of malnourishment can be broken and resolved with the right food.⁣

@tombrownplus was given to little Subar everyday and in just 8 days, significant changes to his health and weight was seen as his Mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) changed from Red (severely malnourished) to Green (healthy). In 14 days, Subar who couldnt crawl on Day 1 is now crawling and healthy?????.⁣

⁣Tom Brown PLUS is a mix of 5 natural grains elaborated with the expertise of nutritionists to super boost your health and is proven under medical supervision to combat malnutrition. ⁣

⁣Mothers look no further for a cereal that will help your babies with weight gain and also ensure their good health especially in their first 1000 days. ⁣

⁣Super food=Super Boost??????⁣

⁣Call us on +2347061257689 or send us a DM @pachamamafoodsng or @tombrownplus to purchase yours.⁣

Eat natural, live healthy!⁣

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