NAFDAC Certification

To ensure our products are safe, made in an hygienic environment and according to International Standards, we ensured we got our NAFDAC certification before even sales as we firm believers of the saying “Action speaks louder than words”…we did not want to tell you of how good, natural, tasty, nutrient packed our products are instead we ensured we went through the vigorous and through NAFDAC inspection and met each and every requirement (which was no mean feat as they do such an amazing job to ensure the good health of Nigerians).

A special thank you to everyone who made it possible as we are NAFDAC CERTIFIED!!!!!!!. We would especially like to thanks NAFDAC itself and its officials whom contrary to what many people would say, were very supportive to us, provided useful advice, recommendations and suggestions, our NAFDAC Consultant (Mrs Orji) who was such a professional, our Food and Quality Control Consultant (Ms. Lauretta Togunu-Bickersteth) from Wavecrest School of hospitality, Surulere, Lagos, our Production Quality Consultant Ms. Dakwo and most importantly our committed staff which comprises of widows in the community as we believe in adding value to the local community where we work.   Here is a picture with the NAFDAC team, our CEO, our Factory Manager, Operations Manager, Food & Quality Consultant, Production Quality Consultant and staff. Follow us on our social media and watch our space as we are coming with an amazing product just for you!


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