Our work with NHGSFP to feed over 190,000 pupils in Plateau state

Hunger and nutrition related issues are key problems in Africa, affecting most especially children who are the future. Sadly, this is prevalent in local communities, public schools in rural areas, the streets, etc. .

What is most sad about these issues is the fact that, hunger can be countered when tackled from the grassroot. .

Africa can be hungerfree – Africa can feed itself – we can achieve this by not only improving the quality of our farm produce, but also making them available and accessible to the undernourished – especially our future – the undernourished African child. To succeed, we must fight the persistent high levels of hunger and malnutrition in Africa today, hence we must start with these children. .

This is why we at PachaMama Foods, appreciate the great opportunity given to us by the @nhgsfp to feed over 190,000 pupils in Plateau state with @tombrownplus TOM BROWN PLUS an all-in-one meal guaranteed to help combat malnutrition and promote the pupils health in their #schoolfeedingprogram ⠀ .
Lessons must be learnt from this programme as it has made progress in 24 states of the federation, feeding pupils and encouraging parents towards embracing healthy food choices for their family. .
We can counter undernourishment and hunger only when we start from where we are and with what we have. .


Video – Pupils at Barkin Ladi LGA in Plateau State -PachaMama Foods


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