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TOM BROWN PLUS is a nutritious blend of 3 grains and 2 legumes, developed by nutritionists and chefs to deliver a unique nutritious and affordable all-in-one breakfast porridge to start your day or enjoyed as a nourishing meal anytime in the day. ⁣

Tom Brown is suitable for weaning babies, growing children, adults and the aged who deserve to have a healthy and delicious food staples. ⁣

Tom Brown PLUS has been produced under the safest of conditions, NAFDAC Certified and processed to meet with strict nutritional values that the human body needs.⁣

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You can get creative by adding toppings with fresh or dried fruits or crunchy nuts.⁣

?Made with 100% wholegrain natural ingredients⁣

?Rich in all essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, E, Folic acid, Amino acids⁣

?Contains Africa’s Superfood – Acha (Fonio)⁣

?Gluten free⁣

?Rich in fiber and keeps you full through the ⁣

?No preservatives, no added sugar, no additive, no artificial flavouring⁣

?Great for diabetes and low in cholesterol⁣

?Energy boosting meal suitable for malnourished cases.⁣

?Can be used in so many healthy and tasty recipes ⁣

TOM BROWN PLUS is available in stores nationwide. Contact us on +2347061257689 or send us a DM for stores / stockists closest to you.⠀ ⁣


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