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The Naija Brand Chick Fair “NBC Fair”

September 30, 2023
DR Obi International Conference Centre Port Harcourt
Will you be at the Naija Brand Chick Trade fair? (@naijabrandchick ) 
PachaMama Foods will be there to showcase all our products from Tom Brown PLUS  to PachaMama Rice, Instant cereals, our Fonio & millet flours.
And you’d be able to get most of our products at a DISCOUNT. 
You also get free samplings, gifts and free consultation with our nutritionist. Exciting right? 😁😊
Ready to Spread Wellness in Port Harcourt! 
Our delicious and nourishing products are not just for customers, but also for visionary distributors and stores. Let’s meet and make healthy living accessible throughout Port Harcourt. 
Together, we’ll create a community of health enthusiasts!
Don’t miss this for anything. Be there ❤️
Meet and Taste With PachaMama Instant Baby Cereal


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