Instant Cereal

Recipe Name: Instant Cereal


    • 2 Spoonful of PachaMama Baby Cereal (any of the variant)
    • Water



    Wash your hands and use only clean utensils. Add 2 tablespoons (20g) of PachaMama Baby Cereal in a bowl.


    Boil clean drinking water. Pour 100ml boiling water at 100°c into the bowl, stir continuously quickly until cereal thickens, and lumps removed.


    Cover the bowl for 3 minutes.


    Serve warm.

    For babies over 6 months, add breast milk, formula milk, yogurt or fruit puree of choice to taste (For older ages above 12 months old, add milk, sugar, honey or any toppings of choice to taste).

    NOTE: Honey and sugar is not suitable for babies below 12 months old.

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