Tom Brown Porridge With Infant Formula Milk

Recipe Name: Tom Brown Porridge With Infant Formula Milk

  • Preparation Time2 min
  • Cooking Time5 min
  • Total Time7 min


    • 25g Tom Brown PLUS
    • 150ml expressed breast milk

    Cooking Instructions


    Add 25g of Tom Brown PLUS in a pan with the 150ml water and stir well to dissolve completely.


    Stir over medium heat for 5 minutes to cook the grains


    Continue stirring till desired thickness (Note: For babies from 6 months – 8 months, the porridge must be made very light, smooth like a puree and not thick as the picture for easy digestion)


    Remove from heat and transfer to bowl


    Add expressed breast milk to the porridge and mix (this is to ensure that all the nutrients in the milk are retained for the baby)

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